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New Year's resolutions - what to choose and how to keep them

New Year's resolutions - what to choose and how to keep them

16. 12. 2020 5 min. reading

Have you been making the same resolutions for several years now? Come and change it!

"I'll start running next year!" "I'll cut sugar from January 1st!" "I'll lose weight next year!"
Have you heard these sentences a few times in your life, and stayed loyal a few days, at best, or in worst case, did you not even begin your dream journey?

New Year's Resolutions

Whether or not we appriciate the tradition, at the end of the year, we are all balancing, wondering what we could do better and what we could change in our lives. The New Year ahead of us seems to be an ideal opportunity to do so and start with a clean page and fulfill your dreams. The most common resolutions in the fitness world include, for example, "I´ll finally lose weight", "I want to start exercising", "I will run" or "I will be healthy starting tomorrow". Why doesn´t this resolution usually work out? After reading the article you will know!

How to keep up with our resolutions?

  • Choose ones that can really be achieved

Losing 20 kilograms a month or running a marathon by March is impossible. Also, an apple figure girl will never have an hourglass body. Set goals that are rational and match your capabilities, abilities, skills, genetic equipment.

  • Set sub-targets (smaller and more achievable)

If you have high goals (and its not bad at all, on the contrary!) Divide them into smaller goals that are easier to accomplish. Want to be 15 kg lighter in fat? Make sure you lose 1 to 2 kilograms of fat every month.
Having a goal that is too high, even half a year from now, can be demotivating because you will not see progress. Small goals will solve this problem. It will motivate you to achieve the bigger one.

  • As a resolution, choose what you really want to achieve

“Surely I don´t want something that is not my goal?” That makes sense, but many of our goals are not based on inner conviction but on the feeling that something is expected of us by the environment we live in or that we should be someone else. Do you really think you have two extra pounds, or do you want to lose weight because your friend told you you had a bigger butt since last meeting? Do you really want to stop eating meat and do you know why you are doing this, or are you following a modern trend? Only if you can justify your goal and build on your beliefs, do it.

  • Keep in mind that goals are somehow limited or measurable

"Im going to walk" or "I want to get stronger." Are poorly set goals. "Im going to work on a regular basis every Monday and Thursday starting tomorrow."
For all resolutions, make sure that they can be measured in some way and, if possible, the exact time range for when you want to achieve them (I drop a given kilogram at a certain time, run a certain number of kilometers in a given time period).

  • Be specific

If you decide to start exercising, choose the right gym, which lessons you will attend, and ideally in what days and times. The more you specify your goal and give it its' precise form, the easier and more eager you will be to meet it.

  • Don't say "I want", but "I will"

A proper resolution should never begin with the words I want or I need. None "I want to lose two pounds". Just say “I´ll lose two pounds!“This will automatically set your head to success.

  • Imagine what it will be like when you reach your goals

Imagine yourself in those jeans you can't fit in for two years. In a dream dress that fits you perfectly. Sweaty, but happy after a successful half-marathon. Approved by the doctor that you finally have lower blood pressure values. This will kick you right into it.

  • Take the first step now

Do you want to start with CrossFit? Check out the web today and sign up for your first lesson. Do you want to reduce added sugars in your diet? Throw the chocolate from your the pantry away (of course not by eating it) and replace it with a lot of fruits and vegetables.
Once you´ve set your goal, think of the first step you can do right now. Even the slightest. Take advantage of being excited and motivated to change. The next day will be much easier to continue.

  • Tell the people around you about the resolution

If you tell your family or friends about your resolutions, you run the risk of asking, "So, what kind of exercise are you doing?" And that's what you want! You will not want to admit that you quit the gym and a healthy diet. When the day comes when you want to break the resolution, when internal motivation is not enough (and that such days will come), people around you will hold you accountable.
And the shared joy of success is also double the joy.

What will you finally fulfill?