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How to Pick the Right Sports Bra

How to Pick the Right Sports Bra

22. 7. 2020 4 min. reading

Do you choose a sports bra that suits you and you somehow feel comfortable in it? Read what to look out for when choosing and don't make a mistake while shopping.

When to Wear a Sports Bra?

Do you have breasts and do you move? Then sports bras belong in your wardrobe! It''s really that simple.
Do you exercise only once a week? Do you only go for walks? Do you exercise at home where no one sees you? You still need a sports bra. A properly selected bra can reduce breast shaking by tens of percent and prevent damage and loosening of the ligament.
From what age to wear a sports bra? As soon as the breasts of a little athlete grow a little (which is individual, but on average it is around 10-11 years), it's suitable to buy a sports bra with low support, which will help to protect the breasts while performing sports.

Types of Sports Bras

Bras can be divided into three categories according to the method of support.

  • Compression: Compression bras attach the breasts to the body with a firm but flexible fabric. They do not contain cups.
  • Encapsulation: Bras with cups fix the breasts with the help of cups similarly to classic bras. They are more suitable for bigger breasts.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid is a combination of compression and encapsulation. This type of bra contains both: the compression fabric and cups.

The Right Bra Size

If you decide on a bra with cups, it should be easy to choose because the size of the sports bra will be the same as the size of your normal bra. The sizing is stated in chest circumference and cup size.
On the other hand, compression bras are usually numbered as XS-XL, therefore, it can get a bit tricky. So how do you choose the right one? Use the manufacturer's size chart. Take a look at the Nike size conversion chart, for example:

Nike size chart for sport bras

However, if possible, don''t rely only on the the size chart and try the bra on to ensure proper fit.

How do you know if your sports bra fits right?

  • The breasts are not stuffed up into the neckline, nor do they peek from behind the bottom hem or at the armpits. They sit naturally in the cups.
  • The straps do not dig into the skin, nor are they too loose. Straps shouldn't touch your neck, but sit on your shoulders and provide breast support. The straps shouldn't push or otherwise bother you while moving.
  • When you try on the bra and raise your hands above your head, the bottom hem shouldn't roll up. And if you lean forward, your breasts should stay in place.
  • The breasts stay in place even during the activity for which the bra is chosen. Don''t forget to try to jump or do a few squats in the fitting room.
  • It's made of functional material. Sports bras are typically made of polyester silk, polypropylene, polyamide and elastane.

Bra Support: Bra Selection By Sport

  • Light support - Lightly supported sports bras are suitable for low-intensity activities, such as pilates or classic yoga. For example, the Nike Indy bra.
  • Medium support - You can use the middle support sports bra for sports such as walking, weight taining or power yoga. Try the Nike Swoosh bra.
  • High support - A bra that will support you during functional training, CrossFit, running, skipping rope or gymnastics. For example, the Nike Fenom Flyknit or Nike Alpha bras.

Tip! If you are a cup size of D or bigger, you should buy a bra with high support for any activity, even those considered as low intensity.

Simply put, the more intense the activity and the bigger your breasts, the more bra support you need.

Special Sports Bras

Sports bras with padding

You can also come across bras containing pads. The reinforcement has a double meaning: aesthetic (as a classic push-up bra, it enlarges the breasts and helps shape a sexy neckline), and supportive (helps to provide sufficient support). If you long for a beautiful cleavage even during sports, the bra with reinforcement may be the right one for you.

Seamless sports bras

Even with a seamless sports bra, provide you with the sufficient support you expect from a good sports bra. If the seams on other bras are uncomfortable during sports, try a seamless bra.

Even though it's better to try your sports bra on first, you don't need to be afraid to order one online. You can either choose a size based on your previous experience, or use a tape measure and a size chart for proper sizing. Order, try it out, and exchange or return if needed!