Top4Fitness Club: General Conditions

Top4Fitness Club (hereinafter referred to as the Club) is a loyalty program designed for the customers of Topforsport s.r.o., residing at Bešůvka 810/19, Brno – Žebětín, 641 00, ID: 29213291, tax ID: CZ29213291, registered in the Business Register administered by the Regional Court in Brno, department C, file No. 66187 (hereinafter referred to as Topforsport). This program provides above-standard benefits for permanent customers of the online shop. Customers become members of the Club based on their free will, which they express by agreeing to registration or through any expression of their free will required by law. The Top4Fitness Club: General Conditions form an inseparable part of the registration.

1. Top4Fitness Club membership

Any natural person older than 18 years with a contact address in the Czech Republic who agrees with the General Conditions may become a member of the Club, and customers may start using the benefits of the Club right after they have registered successfully.
The customer becomes a member of Top4Fitness Club if they meet the conditions of the loyalty program within their customer account, which enables them to enjoy all the benefits offered.
The Club member has the right to use the discounts for goods and services at the online shop. Topforsport reserves the right to determine the goods and services offered that are covered by the Club program as well as its contracting parties.

2. Access to the Top4Fitness Club personal account

The Club member shall be provided their login data to access their account at, where their personal data may then be updated. The login data is identical for all the online shops by Topforsport, i.e. & 
Should the member suspect that their data has been revealed to a third party, they are obligated to immediately inform Topforsport. Topforsport shall be held responsible for the damage incurred due to the failure to report or to a delayed report of the misuse only in cases of a serious failure on its part.

3. Cancelling the Top4Fitness Club membership

The membership shall be terminated in the following cases: 
a/ the member provided incorrect data in their application, misused the benefits provided by the Club or through their actions violated the General Conditions,
b/ at the request of the member,
c/ when the member withdraws their approval to the processing of personal data.

4. Data privacy for the members of Top4Fitness Club

By agreeing with the registration, the customer agrees to the processing of their personal data provided during registration as well as the data obtained during the purchasing process. All of said processing is carried out by Topforsport in its own database. The Club member hereby also agrees to the processing of their personal data registered under their name by Topforsport as an administrator, in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the Personal Data Privacy for the purposes following from the Club’s conditions. Topforsport is entitled to process the personal data through designated processing parties while the Club member acknowledges that such processing parties are not subjects to any further approval on their part. The Club member agrees with the processing of personal data for an indefinite period of time until the agreement is withdrawn or until the Club terminates its activities. The agreement may be withdrawn anytime, in which case the administrator shall destroy the stored data.

5. Final provisions 

Topforsport reserves the right to publish photographs and videos showing the winners of the competitions held in the club, including the names of winners, without any financial compensations, which the Club member agrees with. No rewards given in the Club shall be legally forceable. Topforsport reserves the right to adjust the General Conditions whenever needed. The Club members shall be informed about these adjustments at Topforsport reserves the right to terminate the activities of the Club, if justifiable, and the date of the termination shall be published at
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