The best exercises for flat stomach

Are you a dreamer who would like to have a sixpack? It is not impossible, but not simple at the same. How to do it?

Weight loss for abdomen

The abdomen can be trained, strengthened and toned. Unfortunately, from a physiological point of view, we cannot lose weight in only one place. However, our genetic predisposition to store fats in certain places and, on the contrary, burning them (thanks to muscles) may be an exception.

For some, it may be relatively easy to tone their abs, because their fat is stored in the lower and upper body. Others may have it the other way around.
Therefore, it is in your own interest not to compare yourself with anyone else.

Don't feel hopeless! For those who were not above, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. We'll find it in the kitchen. The basis of such weight loss is a sophisticated diet, expenditure greater than income and of course some activity. To know how much calories you should accept, you can try to calculate them. Learn how to do this in our article on macro counting.

However, even the abs exercise itself should not be neglected. The abdomen is an important part on which the posture depends. A tightened abdomen can help us from back pain and can greatly simplify some exercises during training.

The most effective exercises for toned abs

In cooperation with @zlatahrudkova we have prepared training for your abs, which targets all the basic parts of the abdominal muscles: oblique abdominal muscles, lower and upper part.
We have prepared 10 exercises that you can train together or divide it according to what you want in the moment.

Exercises for beginners/intermediate

3-4 series after 15-20 reps. Customize numbers to suit your preferences and skills.

Exercise 1

Cvik 1Cvik 1

Important: Keep your back straight. Rotate head together with hands.

Tip: If this exercise is too difficult for you, you can touch the ground with your feet or just stay in position without turning sideways.

Exercise 2

Cvik 2Cvik 2

Important: When the body is same level with the mat, it is important to push the lower back as far as possible to the ground and not to bend in the back.

Exercise 3

Cvik 3Cvik 3

Important: Only lift the shoulder blades, not the entire back and do not lift your feet off the ground.

Tip: Easier practice: keep your legs bent side by side and do ordinary crunches.

Exercise 4

Cvik 4Cvik 4

Important: When moving to plank positions, keep your back straight.

Exercise 5

Cvik 5Cvik 5

Important: Keep your entire back up to your shoulders on the floor. Do not sag your lower back.

Tip: You can simplify the exercise by staying with the entire upper half of your body on the mat (even your head) and only work with your legs.

Exercise 6

Cvik 6Cvik 6

Tip: You can put your feet together, slightly bent and try to touch your ankles with your hands.

Exercises for advanced

Exercise 7

Cvik 7Cvik 7

Important: Again lower back tightly on the mat.

Tip: For easier exercise, do it without resistive rubber.

Exercise 8

Cvik 8Cvik 8

Important: Body level, do not bend anywhere.

Tip: This exercise can be performed in many ways, as outlined in the video.

Exercise 9

Cvik 9Cvik 9

Important: Straight back

Exercise 10

Cvik 10Cvik 10


  • It is good to exercise all parts of the abdominal muscles. Avoid overloading only one part.
  • Do not stagnate, but evolve - change exercises and be sure not to be afraid to include something more difficult and challenging. The results will come.
  • The dream figure is not just about exercising, but for the most part in your kitchen. Avoid fatty foods, sweetened desserts, white bread and eat as few packaged and processed products as possible. In general, “whole foods” are the best source of all the important ingredients our body needs.
  • If you look for a stable figure, avoid one-time and strict diets that cannot be maintained for more than a week. Try to eat a balanced diet. It's not just about protein and carbohydrates. The body will not function properly without the supply of vitamins and minerals, which can be found primarily in fruits and vegetables.
  • Another big role in weight loss is stress. Try to relax more. The road is long and if you come out of it, nothing happens. The main thing is to return to it.
  • Give your belly a rest. Like any other part of our body, abdominal muscles need to regenerate and restore its tissues. Do not train your belly more than 3 times a week.