Smart and Healthy Breakfast - What and When to Eat?

Breakfast - "the base of the day." We all heard from our moms. Is it really so, or can you do without breakfast? And what is the best breakfast that will take you closer to your goals?


Breakfast is one of the most discussed topics in the fitness world. You will read that without breakfast it will not work, because from omitting breakfast, you get fat and slow your metabolism. On the contrary, contradictory opinions suggest that breakfast is not important and omitting it may even be beneficial. Let's get things done. 

Is It Necessary to Have Breakfast?

The simple answer to this question is: Listen to your body

If you are forced into your breakfast just to avoid gaining weight, rejoice. No study directly demonstrates that just skipping breakfast would have an effect on slowing down metabolism and resulting fat. Conversely, if you read about intermittent fasting, and are trying to skip breakfast, but in the morning you are stomachy and you feel unwell,  not having breakfast doesn't feel right and so you prefer to have breakfast. Keep in mind that what fits someone else may not fit you. Everyone is different.

Intake vs. spending energy all day long - that's what's going on. If you eat breakfast, you will probably have smaller portions for other meals. If you skip breakfast, your body will probably ask for more energy by lunch, dinner or more snacks.
Wanna lose weight? If you want to drop some of the pounds, it's important to be in a reasonable calorie deficit, that is, to have more energy than intake.
Do you want to maintain sports performance and weight? Energy intake should be balanced by expenditure.
Wanna to gain muscle mass? Energy intake must be higher than the output.

It doesn´t matter how many servings of food you have or when you have your first meal of the day, but on how many calories and micronutrients will have during the day.

When Is the Right Time for Breakfast?

Follow your feelings. Does the idea of breakfast make you sick? Eat, when you are hungry - maybe after you get to work while you handling morning e-mail messages. Or skip breakfast and enjoy lunch. You can not imagine morning  routine without your favorite breakfast and coffee? Continue boldly.

If you have breakfast in the morning, before leaving the house, have breakfast at the earliest half an hour after waking up, give your body time to start up and get out of the dreamland.

Are you active in the morning? Then we recommend having breakfast at least an hour before exercise, whether the body has time to spend breakfast, or just eat something smaller (such as a piece of banana or apple) before exercising, or practice fasting, and leave a large breakfast after training.

In any case, have breakfast in peace. Find a pleasant environment where you will not be disturbed. Just eat, put away your phone, newspaper and laptop. Concentrate on the taste and smell of breakfast. Do not rush and enjoy every bite.

What to Have for Breakfast?

Breakfast should be nutritionally balanced and include everything your body needs. This means - proteins, healthy fats, polysaccharides, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Protein-charged breakfast will provide you with eggs, ham, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, beans or protein powder.

High-quality carbohydrates are supplemented with cereals - oatmeal, rye bread, rice, granola…

You can get healthy fats from nuts, eggs or avocados.

Sweet Breakfast salty breakfast? It depends on your preferences, from both options you can think of a tasty and healthy breakfast.

Tip for sweet breakfast - oatmeal
40 g oatmeal
30 g protein powder
1 square of dark 85% chocolate
1 pc fruit
20 g nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts…)

Leave the flakes soaked in water for at least an hour. Then add the protein powder and cook until slurry is formed. Pour the porridge into a bowl and place a square of chocolate on it to melt. Decorate with fruits and nuts.

Tip for salt breakfast - sandwich with eggs
2 pcs slices of rye bread
30 g cottage cheese
2 hard-boiled eggs

Lubricate both slices of rye bread with curd cheese, cut the eggs into slices and overlay the bread. Finally add the salad and make a sandwich.

More Breakfast Tips

Try our 5 high-protein breakfasts to enjoy, really enjoy and perfectly nutritionally balanced. Do you want to charm in the kitchen and bake something? Beetroot brownies are ideal for breakfast. You should always drink a glass of water before breakfast.

Can't you imagine a glass without coffee or tea? No problem, have your favorite drink (ideally unsweetened) for breakfast.