Nike SuperRep Family

Nike SuperRep Family

5. 1. 2021 5 min. reading

One brand, one family, five different shoes for different exercises. What to choose for your training?

Wondering what shoes are the best for your training? Put on one of the super shoes of the Nike SuperRep family and enjoy a super training. In this article, we introduce to you the Nike SuperRep family and advise you on which shoe to choose according to what sport you do and what you are looking for in a training shoe.

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge

Row, lift the barbell, run. Repeat.

Your sports: HIIT, functional fitness (combination of endurance and strength training), running on a belt, rowing, intensive circuit training.

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge is the best shoe for training and exercise, during which you are constantly in intense movement. Nike ZoomX foam and a rubber tread ensure the best possible return of energy with every movement and step, whether you''re trotting, box jumping, rowing or sprinting. Breathable and reinforced mesh lets the foot breathe, but at the same time provides it with support and, for example, is reinforced to hold up against foot straps. The side arc supports brace the foot during strength exercises.

I want my Surge

Nike SuperRep GO

Go hard, go fast, go faster. Nothing can stop you.

Your sports: Bodyweight exercises (exercises at home, bodyweight circuit training, core)

In the Nike SuperRep Go shoe, you feel like you''re on a cloud during home workouts or weight training lessons. It will support you where it's necessary, but at the same time it won't limit you in any movement. The soft mesh, as with all other SuperRep sneakers, is breathable and adapts to your movement. The Ribbing tightens around your foot during quick moves for a supportive feel. Rubber tread absorbs all your bounces well. The grooves on the front of the sole prevent slipping, for example while peforming push-ups or planks.

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Nike SuperRep Groove

Bring the beat to your feet.

Your sports: Dance, dance lessons (Les Mills, Aerobics, Zumba, Hip hop, Break dance, Disco)

Nike SuperRep Groove dance shoe is designed so that you can make all dance steps comfortably and gracefully. The soft foam cushioning ensures comfort during the lesson and the side overlays provide support even while performing the most demanding spins. The grippy sole ensures good traction, but Nike has not forgotten a smooth pivot point, thanks to which you can turn and spin with ease. The shoe is simply tightened, so you won''t lose any seconds you can spend dancing by putting it on.

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Nike Air Zoom SuperRep

No challenge or obstacle is a problem for you.

Your sports: Intensive circuit training, high pace exercises (Tabata, Step aerobic)

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep design shoe is ideal for high-intensity interval or circuit training. Support layers and two Zoom Air units support your foot firmly and comfortably during lunges, jumps and quick changes of direction. In addition, Zoom Air absorbs energy from each of your movements and immediately returns it back to help you with the next step or jump. The sole distributes energy along its entire length and helps the foot maintain balance. The foam midsole offers comfort for the entire foot and Cushlon foam in the heel helps absorb impact during intense exercise.

Air Zoom Men Air Zoom Women


Want the latest version of Nike Air Zoom SuperRep? Read on.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2

Put yourself in it fully and push your limits.

Your sports: Intensive circuit training, high pace exercises (Tabata, Step aerobic)

The youngest member of the family, the Air Zoom SuperRep 2, is an even better version of their predecessor. Improvements? Stronger mesh ribbing that hold the foot even tighter when moving sideways. The divide right under the natural flex point of your foot, will make it easier for you to make quick movements from your toes, for example, during burpees, mountain climbers or push-ups. We must not forget the adjustable tongue, which you can pull down as needed while wearing. The roomier design around the toes is suitable for many types of feet.

Air Zoom 2 Men Air Zoom 2 Women

Nike SuperRep Cycle

Strap down, clip in and ride.


Your sports: Spinning

Innovative spinning shoes, the Nike SuperRep Cycle, guarantee breathability and comfort even at an intense pedaling pace. They are compatible with two standard types of spinning pedals with studs (studs are not included). The lightweight mesh on the instep of the shoe and vents on the sole allow the feet to breathe. Adjustable hook-and-loop straps hold your feet even during the most intense pedaling. The external plate connects to compatible cleats for firm connection with the pedal. The stiff internal plate under the foot maximizes the return of energy from your pedaling. The rubber under the heel and toe ensures comfort and traction while walking (for example, while moving from the locker room to the bike).

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