In which shoes I should workout?

Do you exercise regularly? Then you certainly know that without suitable shoes you can not do it. Literally "everything stands on your feet" and poor shoes can make training a lot more unpleasant. What are the best for safe and comfortable exercise?


Do you invest in your health by regularly visiting a fitness center, gym or gyma? Great! You will always get such an investment. But take care of the health of your basic pillars - the feet and actually your whole legs. The right shoes will make training a lot easier and more pleasant, as well as bad shoes will make you very uncomfortable.

Bad shoes can lead not only to blisters and pressure sores but also to a stress fracture, ankle sprain, knee injury, shaving overload or Achilles, and other inconveniences.

Prevent it in time and train in the right shoes!

How should propper training shoes look like?


Each training shoe should meet three criteria:

  • Strength and durability - The shoe should keep your ankles firmed, so it should be strong both side and heel area. The best option is shoe lacing, which you tighten as needed.
  •  The Right Sole - The sole of the exercise shoe should be non-slip and elastic to accommodate all movements (such as lunges, running).
  • The right size and shape - Pay close attention to the size selection. Have your foot measured in a specialized store, or trace it and determine the size according to the length of the insole. If you suffer from any of the problems with your feet - such as a flat foot or inches - do not sadden. Sports shoes are made to your foot, just ask the retailers.

It is necessary to try shoes properly. If you order it through the e-shop, do not be afraid to return them if they don´t fit you. If you visit a stone shop, consult a specialist - the seller and let your shoe on your feet for a few minutes, try to jump up, squat, lunge. All movements should be comfortable.

What is the best brand for training shoes? None. There are a thousand shapes of feet, a thousand kinds of shoes and each one sits completely different. It depends on your personal preferences.

Training shoes are made in all kinds of designs today and you will definitely choose one that will be functional and healthy and you will like it at the same time.

Investing in shoes will pay off


High-quality training shoes are more expensive, but it pays to give for more than to deal with problems with the locomotive apparatus or to buy new ones every six months, because the original ones have torn / trodden.

In which shoes you should not exercise

In What shoes you will not go wrong?

Lifestyle shoes. Leisure shoes are made for walks at a moderate pace somewhere around the city. They are not reinforced or paved. You can imagine doing squats in such shoes

or jumping on the crate can cost you ankles, knees or fractures of the instep bone.

Running shoes. Although this is a slightly better option, unfortunately still not quite appropriate. Running shoes are, as the name suggests, specially adapted to run. They have a different elastic sole, a different support and are reinforced in places other than the one required for a workout shoe. They may have a sole that will slide during exercise in the gym. In addition, running shoes are bought a little bigger (because of the space in front of the toe) and this is undesirable for exercise shoes.

Would you like to pick up the best training shoes?

Shoes for intesive training (CrossFit, circuit training, HIIT)

Do you workout hard? Do you jump, run, climb, lift an external load…? You need a shoe that gives you high support, is stable but at the same time flexible. It also fits a slightly raised heel. Nike Metcon or Reebok Nano provide luxury.


If you want to choose from several variants, we have prepared an article on Top 12 shoes on CrossFit, which will certainly make your decision easier.

Low intensity training shoes (Weight training, balance aids, healthy back…)


Do you attend group lessons in the gym or do you exercise on machines and do you need a nice shoe that will give you medium support, will be light and will not know that you have it on your leg? Reebok Speed TR Flexweave, Nike Air Max Bella will provide you all of that and other great pieces can be found in the Top 12 Workout Shoes. For weight training we recommend Nike Air Max Alpha Savage.

Weightlifting shoes


Do you resist or do squats, deadlifts? Are you just doing strength training? Then you will appreciate a very strong shoe with a raised heel, which will hold you in all movements and make better all your weightlifting movements.

Yoga, pilates shoes

Are you doing one of these slower exercises and looking for an airy and comfortable shoe? Try wraps that give you maximum freedom and ease of movement.