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How to Live Greener: 9 Tips for Fitness Freaks

How to Live Greener: 9 Tips for Fitness Freaks

21. 4. 2021 4 min. reading

Small steps lead to big results. How can you change your (fitness) life to help save the planet?

1. Wear sustainable collections.

Sometimes they are recycled fibers of worn textiles, other times it is processed plastic from the oceans. Many well-known brands, including Nike, adidas or Nebbia, are coming up with different ways to put as little strain on the planet as possible. Sustainable apparel looks good and is comfortable to wear, just like any other sportswear.

Sustainable for him Sustainable for her

2. Complete the outfit with sustainable shoes and equipment.

Adidas Parley

You can also get training shoes and running shoes in a more environmentally friendly version. The adidas and Asics brands are fighting for sustainability in the world of sneakers.

Mats made of a mixture of polyester and PVC with ecological certification will provide you with above-standard comfort and long life.

Sustainable shoes Sustainable mats

3. Only get what you'll actually wear / use.

Do you often go wild when shopping and before you know it have a basket full of tops, shorts and colorful socks even though you only planned to purchase new running shoes? Save nature and your wallet, and think about what you really need (or want, of course, to make yourself happy sometimes is important) during the purchase and what you could do without. Then reduce the basket to the bare essentials.
Any of the ordered goods not fit you? Take advantage of the return option! Someone who really wants it can buy it, rather than having it lay around your closet.

4. Pass on unworn and unused things.

Clean your closet every year. Divide things you didn''t wear even once in the previous year into two categories:
1) For sale / donation: You can either sell whatever is wearable or donate it to special clothing containers or directly to an organization (after agreement, clothes are accepted, for example, by childrens' homes).
2) Throw away: Socks with holes, yellowed T-shirt, torn leggings. We all have some sentimental pieces. Try to not be sentimental and throw them away during cleaning.
You'll have more space in the closet for your favorite pieces and you'll make someone''s day better.

5. Cook at home and ahead for more days.

Think about your weekly menu and cook your lunch for two or three days. The less cooking, the lower the energy consumption. By preparing meals at home, you avoid wasting food or using disposable dishes. What''s more, it''s better for your health: if you bring snacks from home, you won''t succumb to the temptations of fast food or gas station junk food.

6. Eat local food, cook from local ingredients.

Have you ever tasted strawberries grown near your home or milk from a neighboring farm? Support local farmers and ranchers, visit farmers markets or specialized local shops. If you have a garden, try growing something in it.

Ovesná kaše

7. Walk.

It is probably clear that every step on foot instead of driving is the right step on the road to a greener life. You don't only save nature, but also your health: you can read about the benefits of walking in our article Good and healthy walking - Can you lose weight by walking?
Start gently: short walk for groceries, take a walk with the kids or get up earlier and walk to work. You'll see that you'll love walking. You can make it more pleasant, for example, by listening to music or podcasts.

If, for some reason, you can''t walk (too far, bad weather, etc.), try to use public transport or carpool.

8. Use your own water bottle.

Plastic is nature's enemy. According to Greenpeace, over 90% of plastic is not recycled, and every one minute, as much plastic as would fill a truck, gets into the world's' oceans. Help reduce these terrifying numbers and train with your reusable water bottle. You can choose from many color and design options, so the bottle will become a stylish accessory.

Choose your bottle

9. Online shopping? Smart and less often.

Do you shop online? Keep in mind that each package ordered goes through transport (often several cars), and the more packages you order, the larger carbon footprint (the sum of CO2 emissions) you indirectly create.
Shop at e-shops with a larger assortment and think ahead. What about adding sunglasses and a new top for the summer to sweatshirt and new bottle for the spring?

Living greener is no science, and even the smallest step to be more eco-friendly is important. What will you start with?