How to Become an Early Bird

Are you going to sleep around 9PM, your roommate is trying wake you up or are you leaving phone on the other side of the room and hoping, that this will make you to wake up.  Is it still not working?

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Maybe on the way to experience sunrise differently that in movies you´ve already tried everything but even though after alarm goes on (often not that popular tune) you snooze five times this cursed alarm clock.

For sure you are not the only one and you can definitely do something about it.

Sleep and Its' Role

Perhaps it is not surprising that what is happening in the evening is a huge factor in the success of getting up early. It is important to realize that sleep and getting up is a relatively causal matter. Today, scientists agree that it is not so much necessary to prolong or shorten sleep, but to improve its quality.

You can read about what happens during sleep, the sleep phases and when sleep is in the highest quality, specially in this article.

Night Owl or Early Bird?

Whether we are more active at night or in the morning is related to the biological clock we have since our birth. Of course, during adolescence, which is related to hormone changes, our sleep rhythm may deviate slightly from what is common to us. Our sleep regime also often depends on our social and work activities. Most adults, thanks to their daily program, lie down and get up early, while most teenagers could be called "night owls". A strong factor is the habit of the organism in the mode in which we work.

However, none of this genetically determines whether we are an early bird or a night owl. It is reported that more than half of the human population does not fall into either of these categories. These individuals can easily be awake for two hours longer while getting up for a few hours earlier and it will not be a problem at all. If we are not among these two extreme cases, it is very easy to create a new regime - for example, to become a early riser.

Conversely, if you are a night owl, it will be very difficult for you, long-term unsustainable, and perhaps even uncomfortable if you want to become a riser. And vice versa.

Early Riser - Simple Tips & Tricks

To achieve this, there is a proper equation:

You + will + determination + proven tips & tricks = high percentage of success

Here are a few proven tricks and gadgets that could help you get to the morning hour you dreaming about.

  • Set up an alarm clock max 30-60 minutes before you normally get up, no more. For long-term success and less shock to the body cut off only few minutes every day, that will help you achieve your targeted hour.

  • In any case - don´t snooze. Research shows, that after snooze your body falls into deeper sleep than before so you can wake up after snooze even more groggy.

  • Make your bed and change your clothes first thing in the morning. Choose your outfit. PJ´s day leave on other special occasion.

  • Try to use some alarm apps where you have to achieve some task to turn off the alarm. In my case i´ve chosen some math and let me tell you, if nothing it definitely wakes up you nervous system.

  • Find the reason, for which you want to wake up earlier. It is very important to know why i am doing this and what is my drive and motivation. For somebody it can be morning yoga, morning news, time to read some book, answering emails or just simply experience morning without rush.

  • Create your own morning routine. Write down your morning step by step, to know what is ahead of you and did not ended up lying in bed one hour after waking up with no clue what to do. Furthermore the whole process will become a routine for you without any hard thinking.

  • Prepare most of the things the night before. For example pick your outfit or chop vegetables for breakfast (Because at 6AM you would not want to do it.)Drink glass of water first thing in the morning. It will help wake up your sleepy body and start digestion.

  • Drink glass of water first thing in the morning. It will help wake up your sleepy body and start digestion.

  • Write down To Do list the day before. Make your best to write beforehand what you want and need to do. Simply overwriting your thoughts on paper will allow you to sort things out well and are less likely to forget your responsibilities. Better even if you sort it by priority.

  • Try not to look at your phone immediately after you wake up. Not only it will cut off productive time, but at the same time everything you see/read on the screen influance your mood. “It happened me many times that after half an hour on social media I realized that I obviously don´t have a great mood. But is it really the truth? Is it my real mood? 

    Or is my mind responding to bad news from the world, idealistic life on Instagram, or notifications about job duties?" Either way, try to avoid it as much as possible.

  • Try implement more selflove days. Be only with yourself and no one else. Meditate, or sort out your thoughts or write down your first feelings after waking up on a piece of paper. You will find out how you really are and will not be so influenceable to

    the outside world.

Exercises in the Morning

How is it with this famous phrase “wake up and exercises” and how much is it relevant? Let´s say, quite a lot.

Harvard´s studies even have answers to this question. Working out causes your brain to secrete a chemical called “neurotrophic factor” which boosts brain function. Exercising in the morning increases your mental and physical stamina, provides energy and boosts motivation, leading to increased overall productivity.

Other benefits of working out in the morning:

  • Boost your metabolism and fat burning
  • Motivates to healthy eating
  • We´ve already started our day on a positive note
  • Better sleep
  • Brings us good feeling about ourselves and at the same time we know that we already did workout of the day.

However to be completely fair is important to acknowledge that due to morning exercise we are more prone to injury. It may happen that we don´t warm up enough and go uncontrollably into heavy training.

Every part of the day has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is good to know your own body which we should listen to. When it comes to food, it also depends on what type of exercise we want to do in the morning. Mild motion activities such as yoga or faster walking are recommended when fasting. Before more advanced functional, heavy and cardio trainings we should eat at least some little snack, because we will need a lot more energy.

As mentioned above sleep is an integral part of our upcoming performance, so it is good to watch quality and beneficial sleep, after which this planed morning exercise will go better. Smart watches, which are a great help, can also be used to monitor our sleep and enhance our workouts.

Wake up early can be difficult, but it´s worth it.

Sometimes it may seem that we will sacrifice more to get up sooner than we get from it. A few days will certainly not be easy, but it will definitely pay off in the long run. The Harvard Biologist Christoph Randler describes in the study that people who are rising earlier are more productive in solving cognitive problems, and at the same time tend to come up with a more effective solution to them, which increases their daily success.

There is also a high chance that if you meet cheerful people with a happy face on the street, they may very likely be early risers.

But definitely don´t beat up yourself if you succumb to the warm and comfortable bed a few times. Be nice, considerate and patient to yourself.

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